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Vingsted Hotel & Conference Centre is situated in the small village of Vingsted.
Originally, Vingsted got its name from the bend of the stream, which at a later point became of great significance for the emergence of the mill of Vingsted.

In the second half of the 19th century, DDS - The National Rifle Association of Denmark - established shooting ranges in Vingsted, which became a popular outing spot for the citizens of Vejle as early as 1880.

In the year of 1900, the gym shows that previously took place in the valley called Grejsdalen moved to Vingsted. These events had between 4,000 and 5,000 participants.
However, a stray bullet from the shooting range put a stop to the shows. For many years, the shows were subsequently staged various places in the county.

In 1935, the gymnastics, rifle and athletic association of Vejle County bought an area of 10.8 to 13.6 acres at the price of 1,000 DKK per acre. Including levelling and drainage, the costs totalled 17,000 DKK.

An outdoor swimming pool, a stadium, a stand, an athletics tracks as well as shooting ranges and a youth hostel were established at the grounds. The total costs added up to  75,000 DKK. The work was partly carried out as relief work (by long-term unemployed workers during the depression of the 1930s).

At the opening on June 28, 1936 the company was named Vingsted Stadion (Vingsted Stadium).

During World War II, the area was used by the German forces. They built, among other things, a large amphitheatre (cinema) on the stand by the swimming pool.

After the war, the stadium was turned into a refugee camp and by the early 1950s the buildings were completely worn down.

In 1958, a sports centre was erected by volunteers. In fact, this centre was only the second of its kind in Vejle County.

In 1970, the independent institution Vingsted was founded, and the ownership was transferred from the local clubs of Vejle County to the mother organisation of the shooting, gymnastics and athletics organisations of Denmark.

In 1973 and 1974, 94 guest rooms, a second indoor gym, indoor swimming pool, class rooms and new dining facilities were added to the centre. On May 21st 1974 Vingsted was officially opened by Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark and His Royal Highness Prince Consort Henrik with the words "In the name of growth of all good powers in this country, I hereby declare this centre for open".

In the 1980s, the centre was expanded with a lecture hall, more class rooms, 32 new guest rooms and the dining capacity was increased. Moreover, new indoor shooting ranges were established.

In 1994, a new restaurant was built, and in 1998 Centersalen (The Centre Hall), more meeting rooms and 30 new guest rooms were added.

Today, Vingsted is a modern four star event and conference centre and a three star hotel. The central location makes the centre ideal for meetings and conferences with participants from all parts of Denmark and abroad. With strong roots in the Danish folk athletics culture through the strong ties to the shooting, gymnastics and athletics organisations of Denmark the location and atmosphere are quite unique.

In 2011, a new wing with 28 guest rooms was opened so the centre now totals 191 guest rooms and 618 beds. Moreover, the restaurant area was doubled and is currently able to cater for at least 400 guests.

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Vingsted is a 4 star hotel and conference centre centrally located in the beautiful river valley called Vejle Ådal.
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Vingsted is a 3 star hotel with guest rooms in a modern and bright design with all conceivable and necessary facilities.
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