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Our restaurant is renowned for its excellent kitchen and is known as a great eatery, something that all our guests benefit from.

3 star capacity

Vingsted is a 3 star hotel in accordance with the classification system of Horesta (the association for the hotel, restaurant and tourism industry in Denmark).

We have more than 618 beds at our disposal divided onto the following types:

  • 191 comfortable and modern hotel rooms with en suite bathroom, TV, telephone and free internet access.
  • 102  2 bed rooms, 24 3 bed rooms, 65 4 bed rooms as well as a school camp with 82 beds.
  • For large events the capacity may be increased to 900 persons by transforming e.g. meeting rooms to dormitories and placing extra mattresses in the rooms.
  • 8 school camp dormitories with room for up to 10 persons - also ideal for accommodation of sports teams.
  • Free parking in front of the centre.
  • Free internet connection at the hotel.

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Meetings & Conferences
4 stjerner
Vingsted is a 4 star hotel and conference centre centrally located in the beautiful river valley called Vejle Ådal.
Hotel & Accommodation
3 stjerner
Vingsted is a 3 star hotel with guest rooms in a modern and bright design with all conceivable and necessary facilities.
Parties & Events
Team building & Development
The need for teamwork and knowledge sharing across the enterprise is more than ever crucial for competitiveness.
Company Events
Get more out of the meeting or the course and try one of our many exciting break activities which generates new energy.

Vingsted :: Vingsted Skovvej 2 :: 7182 Bredsten :: Tel. 7586 5533 :: :: CVR 29 15 95 13

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